I use what ever size kit is appropiate for the music. Sometimes that means a basic 5pc, sometime less, sometimes more.

Paiste 18" Signature Power Crash
Paiste 19" Signature Power Crash
Zildjian 13" Master Sound Hi Hat top
Zildjian 13" New Beat Hi Hat Bottom
Zildjian 20" Z Heavy Power Ride
Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash
Zildjian 10" K Splash (optional)
Zildjian 14" Oriental China (optional)
Zildjian 14" Z Dyno Beat hi-hats (optional)
Zildjian 6" Z-bell (optional)

On occasions, the above may be substituted with:
Zildjian 18" Medium Thin Crash
Zildjian 14" Master Sound top hi hat
Zildjian 14" Quick Beat bottom hi hat
Zildjian 16" Medium Thin Crash
Zildjian 20" K Heavy Ride

Drum Workshop 6x14 maple snare
Premier Signia in Topaz finish:
10" tom
12" tom
16" floor tom
18x22" bass drum


Drum Workshop 6x14 maple snare in black
Drum Workshop in Purple finish:
10" tom
12" tom
14" tom
16" tom
16x22" bass drum

Pedals: Drum Workshop 5002AN

Drum Sticks: Zildjian Super 5A

Heads: I only use Aquarian Drum heads
Super Kick II on the bass drum, Super 2 on Toms, Texture Coated with reverse Dot on Snare.

the "big" Silent Cry era set up.........vs......Unplugged!